Lewis Capaldi Takes Break from Touring to Prioritize Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi revealed that he will be canceling his upcoming tour dates to “rest and recover” from mental and physical exhaustion.

Capaldi, known for his hit songs like “Someone You Loved,” expressed his gratitude to his fans and acknowledged their support throughout his career.

Capaldi shared, “The last few months have been full-on both mentally and physically. I haven’t been home properly since Christmas, and at the moment, I’m struggling to get to grips with it all.” He emphasized the importance of taking time to recharge and be in the best state for his performance at the upcoming Glastonbury festival.

Acknowledging the impact on fans who have made travel arrangements, Capaldi apologized and expressed his appreciation for their dedication. He assured everyone that he is receiving the necessary help and support to overcome these challenges and is grateful for the love and understanding shown by his fans.

“I need to take these three weeks to be Lewis from Glasgow for a bit, spend some time with my family and friends, and do normal things that are an important part of me feeling better,” Capaldi shared, emphasizing the significance of reconnecting with his roots.

While Capaldi’s Australian tour dates, including a headline slot at Splendour in the Grass, remain unaffected for now, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing his well-being for the long term. His decision highlights the importance of self-care and mental health in the music industry.

Capaldi’s message resonates with his fans and reminds everyone of the significance of taking a break when needed. As he stated, “I take none of this for granted and can’t wait to be back doing it again.”