Lewis Del Mar return with grace on two new singles, announcing an album on the way

New York duo Lewis Del Mar have returned with a double single release, The Ceiling / Border (CH. III), marking the first new music from the pair since their 2016 debut.

Along with the double single release, Lewis Del Mar have also announced their forthcoming sophomore album August, which will be released August 21. 

Lewis Del Mar

The Ceiling and Border (CH. III) are two flawless tracks which reignite the flame that Lewis Del Mar left slow-burning four years ago. 

The Ceiling oozes a unique garage rock energy and a gritty New York aesthetic reminiscent of The Strokes. The lyrics are brutally candid, inviting your own introspection as you delve deep into the combined psyches of the duo. Even putting lyrics and vocals aside, the track provokes so much feeling through sound alone. 

The track was also released with an accompanying music video, breathing further life into the duo’s resolute New York aesthetic. 

Of course, the music created by Lewis Del Mar could have only been created by a duo who know each other from the inside out, allowing their chemistry to truly shine. It only makes sense that Danny Miller and Max Harwood are childhood friends who have been playing music together since the tender age of nine.

This has allowed for a profoundly personal approach to their songwriting, the two feeling wholly comfortable in their own vulnerabilities. In a statement about their upcoming album, the duo stated:

“This album is, nearly word for word, our account of gluing the vase back together, cracks visible.” 

Border (CH. III) is a hauntingly beautiful acoustic track which etches a stunning contrast into the double single release. Ghostly female harmonies bring out the true pain that radiates from the vocals, stopping you in your tracks for the song’s entire duration.

August, the upcoming album from Lewis Del Mar, was recorded over two years. The disparate experiences of the duo resulted in a diverse collection of tracks, the album working to symbolise the many fractures of two experiences coming together to create new forms. The tensions between both manic and reflective periods within the duo’s lives will play a central role. 


August is out August 21 via FADER Label/Caroline Australia.