Lincoln – Visions of a Fading Light EP

Emergency nurse by day, electronic musician and songstress by night, Sydney’s Lincoln has just put out her debut EP. The body of work paints stunning yet heartbreaking soundscapes full of passion and emotion. Her classically trained voice is used to full effect with every note showing off phenomenal colour and life allowing you to feel every bit of emotion that is being sung about!


Lincoln’s debut EP is hauntingly beautiful – powerful piano driven soundscapes with an emotional delivery and delicate production.

Undone is a dark electronic tune sounding somewhere between Bjork and the Eurhythmics’ darker moments. There is a deep dark feel that flows through the song making you feel like you are stranded in a back alley in the middle of the night. The minimalist electronic sounds create a chilling atmosphere that is further emphasised by Lincoln’s beautiful breathy vocals.

Fading light is a beautifully heartbreaking tune. Lincoln’s vocals take centre stage and paint the powerfully melancholic soundscape. You can feel every bit of emotion in her voice as she delivers the powerful lyrics. The minimalist soundtrack, moving from soft to slightly heavy, provides a great backbone to the narrative, adding to the feeling of the song.

Release is a piano driven tune with industrial sounds working their way in slowly to gradually build the intensity. It reaches its climax towards the final minute and roars through with massive bursts of energy.

Into White is a dark folk like tune driven by a sombre cello. The cello and pianos work well to bring out a confronting feeling of emptiness and loss. This is driven further by Lincoln’s agonising vocals that see her put every bit of emotion of display with her every note.

The EP ends with Better. Following from the previous tracks this acts as the piece that moves on and provides optimism for better times ahead.

This is a very powerful debut EP – each track is filled with emotion and atmosphere making each moment a very moving experience!



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