Lips take us dancing through Tokyo with new track Guilty talk

New-Zealand-based duo Lips love to explore quirky electric soundscapes, most often paired with the imagery of a girl with a giant pair of lips for a head.

Their latest track Guilty Talk and its accompanying video create a buzzing and eccentric mood that’s sure to electrify.

lips guilty talk nz on air

With a unique sound reminiscent of groups like Architecture in Helsinki and Grouplove, Guilty Talk is the skilfully crafted new track from Lips.

Unconventional beats, humming, whirring and beeping notes are paired over classic, boxy drums. Stephanie Brown’s melodic vocals pack a punch, with unusual synth effects and samples pulling you deep into the fresh, catchy track.

Shot in stunning Super 8 film around the eclectic streets of Tokyo, the music video follows two interconnected dancers as they venture their way through the city, glitching and flowing in parallel until they finally connect. As they travel across Tokyo, viewers are treated too some of Japan’s signature imagery, painted in a stunning array of muted neutrals and neons.


Guilty Talk bursts from the seams with colour and character. Lips have thoughtfully created a track which challenges your assumptions about music and the world you live in. These themes are at their most striking in the chorus, visually cued by Brown’s staggering screams which are brought to life even further within the clip.

Lips’ fun, technicolour pop sound so beautifully challenges the mundane life we so easily succumb too, inviting us to not be so serious. Guilty Talk is a stellar track and if the duo’s oncoming releases are anything like this one, they can expect and ever-growing fan base to be dancing along with them.


Guilty Talk is out now.