LISTEN: Sarah Yagki’s emotionally unravelling track ‘Shared Eyes’

Sydney solo artist, Sarah Yagki releases her second rose-hued track Shared Eyes, enlightening her audience to the evolution and growth that has cultivated her sound.

In an emotively dark pop ballad, Yagki moves effortlessly through the electronic vibrations of her track, pushing the boundaries of an explosive synth chorus with grounding heartfelt lyrics.

The artist credits the song as a sonic storybook to capture her distant relationship with a parent; “Shared Eyes was actually written over many years as the subject matter was constantly evolving as I was growing with the song” she says. It’s hard not to feel the stretches and pulls of the pop track, Yagski has channelled her life experiences into a vibrant electric current and you can feel it’s spark just from listening to it.


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Sarah Yagki

Check out Sarah Yagki’s Shared Eyes below and catch her at The Vanguard on 19th May: