WATCH: Korky Buchek’s video ‘Holdin’ On’ is an electrically vibrant vision

Filmed in Sydney’s Inner West, Korky Buchek deliver an explosively imaginative music video to accompany their funky disco track, Holdin’ On.

Korky Buchek’s music video maintains the uplifting electricity magnified fireworks of the track, with the added funky flair of a glistening disco ball and distorted checkered tiles. Accompanied with the sweet honey vocals of Fossy, the visuals simply explode into a neon sky.

Video director, Sara Wills deep dives into Sydney’s disco landscape as dancers Wendy Yu and Taiga Kita-Leong move cathartically with the electric tune. The video feels like a vibrant therapeutic dance, making you wonder if it’s the beat controlling the movements, or the other way around…

Korky Buchek

Check out Korky Buchek’s vividly eye-catching music video below: