LISTEN: Tash Sultana – ‘TERRA FIRMA’

It’s here – Tash Sultana’s long-awaited second record TERRA FIRMA firmly secures their intrinsic, holistic artistry. And like the ponderous smoke-tendril of burning incense, Sultana’s slow jam snakes around your earholes with an enchanting athleticism.

Tash Sultana
Photo: GG McG

From its maker, TERRA FIRMA comes with some listening party instructions:

“…before you begin, I have one request, for the very first time you hear this record I would like you to take yourself to a quiet space, turn off the lights, light a candle and light some incense – this was the intended listening experience of TERRA FIRMA. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope you can see who I am.”

So do as you’re told, light some incense and grab your copy of Tash Sultana’s TERRA FIRA on all platform here.