Listen to Someone, the hypnotic debut single from Urple

Someone by Urple is a hypnotic exploration into identity, and the beginning of a completely new direction for an artist who used to drum in prog rock and metal bands.

A quiet, repetitive beat begins the track, growing louder and louder before being consumed by deep bass notes, a sultry saxophone and rich vocals that hark back to early Chet Faker.

urple someone

Someone is a dark, moody exploration into self-identity that gradually swathes you in a repetitive beat, a sultry echoing saxophone, rich vocals and even richer lyrics.

Someone is also Urple’s first foray into writing music as a solo act.

“I recorded the song all at my place in my little bedroom studio (well it’s more in the kitchen actually), and sent it off to Studio 301’s Jack Prest to mix, and then to Ben Feggans to master.”

The accompanying video clip for the song was filmed around the artist’s home in Newcastle. Apparently he chipped his tooth on a bottle and woke up with a mark on his head during filming, but soldiered on, regardless.

“We were all committed to the role of drunken criminals some might say.”

The song just keeps on building, the addition of small melodic and rhythmic elements compounding in layers. You may not notice them initially, but by the song’s end, you’ll be sucked into Someone’s deep, moody atmosphere while mouthing the lyrics, “I’ve got no reason pleasing someone else.”

Someone is out now.