Listen to the experimental sounds of New Zealand’s Junus Orca

With no social media profiles and only a Soundcloud account attached to their name, New Zealand’s Junus Orca is creating a presence solely fed by music.

It’s experimental in more than one sense of the word; being anonymous online as a musician is difficult enough, but Junus Orca’s music itself is exploratory and innovative, probing into unchartered territories with incredible results.

Junus Orca is experimental in more than one sense of the word. Their music, innovative and exciting, and their online presence, or lack thereof, is mysterious and enigmatic.

Junus Orca’s debut release Bloth/Dium is the artist’s first step in a certain direction. The tracks were formed out of uncertainty, both personal and general. Sometimes, when unsettling and unexplainable things suddenly happen, they can stop just as quickly as they started. Sometimes their impact is negligible, sometimes the feelings leave you puzzled and confused about how to move on. Both tracks on Junus Orca’s release were made with these ideas in mind.

“I used natural or random found sounds that I recorded on my phone when I was in Europe last year, as a kind of backbone for the tracks. On the track Bloth, there’s even the sound of a random geyser bubbling that I came across in Iceland. I guess even though these tracks are pretty heavy, there’s still beauty in them but maybe you just have to search a little bit harder for it.”

Bloth/Dium is industrial; its unique brand of experimental techno drone leaves an almost uncomfortable and disturbing feeling in the air, purely what the tracks are meant to do. It’s exciting when a song makes you feel more than happy. Tracks like these are important and powerful, they remind you that not everything is as linear and pleasant as it seems.

Bloth/Dium is available to stream via Soundcloud or Bandcamp only. The artist’s strict no social media policy and penchant for anonymity mean that fans will perhaps never see the artist perform live. With a new release planned for next year, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Junus Orca, despite it all.