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I want to be very honest with all of you right now; I have a massive crush on Little May. Yes, I mean the whole band. So naturally when the band say they’d be keen to write a list of their favourite tracks of 2014 for Happy I was a little over the moon. I’m not sure why, but it’s exciting to see what has been inspiring your favourite bands, which in turn hopefully inspire you too. Which songs made the members of Little May space out? Which made them rock out? And which made them want to marry the actual music? Well dear reader, have a geez at the band’s choices for the best of 2014 to find out!

Little May bridge

Their music has made you swoon, now hear what music made Little May swoon this year!

Cold War Kids – All This Could Be Yours

We were lucky enough to play before Cold War Kids in New York at CMJ this year. They are literally no words to describe how good they were. This song is just so f***ing good. I could listen to this every morning for the rest of my life and be happy.

Alt J – Hunger of the Pine

Alt J can actually do no wrong. They have crafted their own style at a time when there is SO much happening in music. I think that is a really hard thing to do. This song came out when we were on a writing trip in Jindabyne, which was one of the best weeks of this year for me. We got drunk and tried to cover it and it sucked.

Thom Yorke – Nose Grows Some

When this album came out I bought it, went to the beach and listened to it. I was lying down looking up at the sky, and when this song came on and I felt like I was on another planet. There is something really weird but calming about this song that I really connect with. I always listen to it on overseas flights, when everyone on the plane is sleeping. It makes me feel less gross.

Meg Mac – Roll up Your Sleeves

This is such a good song! I haven’t heard an awesome feel good song for years. Meg Mac’s voice is so powerful, but so friggen beautiful. The tone and her raspiness in her voice makes me really excited.

Heavenly Father – Bon Iver

Hannah, Annie and I listened to this all the way to Jindabyne. I think this song was acutally a pretty big inspiration to us on that writing trip. When the acoustic guitar comes in, it makes my heart sink into my stomach. Justin Vernon is an angel and I would like to marry his music. I don’t understand how he comes up with such beautiful melodies over such beautiful chord progressions.

So Soldier – #1 Dads ft. Anislie Wills

This song is perfect in every way. It has such a nostalgic feel to it. I get the same feeling listening to this song as I do when I hear Night Moves by Bob Segar. Tom Iansek writes amazing songs and produces them so beautifully! Also, Ainslie Wills’ vocal delivery is so effortlessly cool. It’s all perfect.

Bad Dreems – Dumb Ideas

I heard this song when I was driving to rehearsal one day. I instantly fell in love with it and sang it all day. It’s so savage and brutally honest. I love classic Aussie rock and Bad Dreems takes me back, in the best way possible.

Sticky Fingers – Gold Snafu

It’s hard to not like Sticky Fingers. I was obsessed with the film clip just as much as this song. I watched it everyday for a long time.

Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

I think Wolf Alice are a really awesome band. This song is badass and has such a cool chorus. I like the guitars a lot.

War on Drugs – Red Eyes

This song is legendary. I remember when I first heard it, I hadn’t really been inspired by something for a while. This song really inspired me, and it still does. It gets us through long tour van drives too.



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December 24, 2014

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