Lonesome Dove take us on a tour of their home studio

Indie-pop outfit, Lonesome Dove take us through the process of finding artistic freedom in their Pinkhouse Studio.

Lonesome Dove have kept themselves busy since the release of their debut EP, AWWWW in 2021. The four-piece indie-pop outfit powered on with creating new material, but this time, with a different approach. In preparing their latest offering, Bully, the band decided to go down the path of creating their own home studio, which allowed them to achieve the artistic freedom they craved.

Now, Lonesome Dove share their journey with Happy, revealing how their beloved Pinkhouse Studio in Perth Hills came about, and talking us through their amazing new recording process as they work on a debut album.

Credit: Laura Ward

The catalyst

After the whirlwind recording and release of Lonesome Dove’s first EP, AWWWW in 2021, deciding on recording a full-length album felt both imminent and exciting. However, this time was going to be different.

This time, Lonesome Dove wanted to take their time with the recording process, to get things exactly how they imagined, and Nici’s home studio (Pinkhouse Studio) in the Perth hills has given them the opportunity to do so.

Credit: Laura Ward

Early songwriting process

Workshopping ideas at weekly rehearsals and then taking them into the studio has given the band the momentum and structure to keep everything going, whilst also allowing them to spend more time on the songs, to be sure of what’s going to work on record compared to how things hit in a live setting. Everything is geared towards the benefit of the song.

Using different mics to create the layers of guitars Lonesome Dove love so much, pedal effects on vocals, chains on drum kits, keeping secret dog barks in tracks, and knowing that sometimes the outtakes become what makes the song its best, are all things that Lonesome Dove are so happy to be able to experiment with and spend time on.

Lonesome Dove
Credit: Laura Ward

The album

This isn’t an obvious four-to-the-floor rock n roll project. This album process hasn’t been constrained to the common stresses of time and money that can come with working with a producer in hired studios. This has been about allowing them the freedom to try new processes, to think way outside the box, to truly collaborate, to try different ideas, and to pay attention to the less-obvious details. These elements are what will make this record truly special.

The studio

Lonesome Dove find strength in the studio via neurodivergence. Nici’s relentless ADHD hyper fixation on a hook combined with Leo’s hyper-focus on studio science results in many spontaneous and interesting recording techniques.

Olga’s more reserved approach acts as the glue between the four while Ben takes a more impulsive manic approach, often adding last-minute ideas to the mix that make or break it.

Credit: Laura Ward

This album process is a labour of joy. Working as a little family has been an incredibly positive and exciting experience for them all, and they cannot wait for everyone to hear the debut album they’ve got in store for us on the horizon.

Stream Bully via Spotify below.