Looking for a tour poster? Timm Henger is the graphic designer every band in the world should be hiring

A great tour poster can make or break a set of gigs, or even the band themselves. Every couple of months when an internet user unearths a Pink Floyd poster from the 60s or 70s, you suddenly have a profound sense of what the world must have thought of the breakthrough psychonauts at the time.

Amazing posters are an absolute asset, and graphic designers are the professionals who make them come to life. Timm Henger has been in the game for years, but has recently come to international recognition for his awe-inspiring, technicolour poster style.

timm henger

The art of the poster is a hard-fought one indeed. A short walk through the streets will show you the diversity of poster art out there, and it takes someone like Timm Henger to break through the crowd.

Late 2015 and the whole of 2016 have seen Henger’s career explode, grabbing accolades from the China International Poster Biennale, the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, the Ecuador Poster Biennale, the Moscow Biennale of Graphic Design and the Glasgow Design Festival.

His posters have advertised anything from university lectures to design events, his clean style standing out in black and white, or shining colour.

See more of his work below:









Via It’s Nice That.