Returning from his debut tour, Lostkeyz drops a beautiful, painful new track Calling

Sydney rapper Lostkeyz has returned with a new single Calling and it’s pretty special. Vulnerable and filled with hurt, the track was a hard one for him to come to terms with.

Having just come back from a packed few weeks touring alongside Imbi The Girl, he’s back writing and feeling more inspired than ever. We sat down with Lostkeyz to get inside the mind of this exciting new talent and hopefully a hint at another upcoming release.


“It may sound like an unusual contrast but this track is definitely one of my favourites and is also the most vulnerable and emotional one I have ever written.”

Spanning Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney, Lostkeyz’ self titled EP tour was a full blown success. With fellow Sydney artist Imbi the Girl in support, Lostkeyz showcased his articulate and honest vocals, solidifying himself as one of the most promising new artists to come out of Sydney in a long time.

When asked about the tour, it would seem that Losky was just as enthused by the experience.

“The last few months have been both incredible and challenging. It was such a rewarding feeling to tour for the first time. I met so many inspirational and supportive people along the way and the whole journey has been an excellent one.”

But it hasn’t all been easy, and this latest track taps into some pretty intense feelings. Following a breakup, Losky just let it all out.

“In Calling, I talk about the unravelling of a relationship I was in and the emotional spiral that followed. The writing process was difficult but I felt like I needed to say the things I did because it came from such a special place… it was really difficult. I initially wrote the track fairly quickly but then kept going back to analyse certain parts which I felt were maybe too personal to speak about.”

Calling features some phenomenal female vocals and as soon as we heard the chorus it was clear that Lily Richardson is someone who we needed to know about. So how did they meet? And why was Richardson the top choice? When asked this, Losky’s response was adamant.

“Lily wasn’t the top choice, she was my only choice. I met Lily at one of her shows at Brighton Up Bar where she was performing with CLEWS. Lily and I kept in touch and I asked Lily if CLEWS wanted to support my Sydney show. Needless to say, they were amazing as usual. I then asked Lily to feature on Calling so we got in a studio and put it all down in a couple of memorable hours.”

It seems to be the undiscussed obligation of artists to bear all to their audience, to reveal the parts of the life that most of us would find far too difficult to divulge. But this comes with a certain degree of bravery and resilience. With Calling being as honest and personal as it is, how did Losky navigate having that track in the public sphere?

“It is definitely about sadness and hurt. I actually played her the track before I released it to make sure that she would be okay with it going public. I had never done that with any of my songs but it was important for me that she was okay with it.”

But Calling isn’t the end of the road, there’s word of a music video in the works and we can confirm that Lostkeyz will be going on tour yet again in the near future.