LouSkylar craft meticulous electro-pop heaven on ‘Stop, Go’

Finishing the year with a bang, Melbourne pop duo LouSkylar are turning heads with their new single Stop, Go.

The release sees the pair work once again with fellow Melbourne resident Kavi, who as always brings a buttery-smooth balance to the overall mix.

louskylar stop go

You’ll never want to stop listening to the newest hit from Melbourne duo LouSkylar. Stop, Go is a blatantly addictive electro-pop tune with plenty of soul to match.

LouSkylar’s heavy and meticulous production has long been a stand-out feature of their sound, and Stop, Go certainly builds the profile in that regard. Clever panning, an excellent mix, vocal overdubs, and a score of other in-the-box tricks make for a tune which keeps the listener guessing.

Vocalist Jessica Frizziero shared that the song was written as a way to process those relationships which require a lot of effort:

“I remember likening it to driving manual in tedious peak hour traffic – you’re constantly stopping and starting and just when you think you’re going somewhere, you’re stopping again.”

After jumping into the spotlight back in 2017 it’s been single after single for LouSkylar, including their fiery debut Sin and Damaged Goods released earlier this year. Despite a short amount of time on the scene it’s clear this duo are evolving at a rapid rate.

With 2020 not far over the horizon, we’re looking forward to whatever future LouSkylar are ready to herald.


Stop, Go is out now.