Lovehoney brings us the ‘The Pride Guide’ the ultimate in LGBTQIA+ Sex Ed

An exploration of LGBTQIA+ Sex Ed with a little helping hand from Lovehoney’s free downloadable The Pride Guide. 

Got questions? Lovehoney – the one-stop-shop for all things sexy and essential –  The Pride Guide has everything you wanted to know and more. 

Lovehoney knows the importance of going your own pace and making your own rules. Whether you are new to navigating sex as a trans man, trans woman, lesbian, or gay, or just looking to learn a little more about your sexuality, The Pride Guide is essential reading. 

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In a foreword from Lovehoney Sexologist, Chantelle Otten says ‘There isn’t enough research or literature around trans and gender non-conforming sexual experiences. And for me, that means we need to break the silence and start to change the conversation in the mainstream’.

The Pride Guide brings into focus expectations, what you should or shouldn’t expect, and ultimately learning how to trust what feels right for you. Helping to overcome any fears or anxiety and introducing the importance of language & the small gestures we can bring into our daily lives when it comes to navigating our way through sex.

At the crux of it, knowledge is king. Self-love and pleasure should be at the forefront of any discussion on sex, along with conversations about consent. Although sex education used to be something that was largely self-taught, it needn’t be now and should be very much a part of the conversation, in schools and within the home, amongst friends, and in the media. Although trial and error can bring its own kind of fun, and can be informative in its own right, the Love Honey Pride Guide is here to help you to navigate the sex waters with a lot more confidence. 

The Pride Guide features ​​articles by Christian Hull on the importance of language and small gestures. London-based YouTuber, Calum McSwiggan, discusses at length the content he makes about queer culture, and issues that affect the LGBT+ communities. The guide has an in-depth conversation with Oscar, who discusses how he became sexually empowered, confident, and above all else comfortable. And an essay by Jack Vidgen, the Australian singing sensation, best known for winning the fifth season of Australia’s Got Talent at the age of 14, about what he would tell his younger self.

The Pride Guide includes the best kind of polls and information, that lets you know you are not alone in your quest for an engaging, fulfilling, loving, and sexually fulfilling experience.

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You can download the free guide over at love honey.

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