Luca Brasi

Not only does Tasmania bring us the nation’s supply of fresh Salmon, but also homegrown punk bands like Luca Brasi. The four-piece formed in 2009 and have been spreading their punk ass wings to the mainland, with a second album to release in March. They’ve got a couple tours under their belt already and are ready for more.

luca brasi band

These guys are true to the core: street punk, melodic sounds, thick guitars and detailed riffs. They’ve certainly honed in their sound and record production. There are a couple of tracks you can listen to on their upcoming album like Borders and Statelines or Wave which showcase this. Tyler Richardson’s voice contains a particularly unique mix, one that encompasses an element of grit, giving songs an extra kick but also being able to express the melodies well within the arrangement.

Luca Brasi have been hard at work recording their second album south-of-the-boarder, i.e. in hometown Tassie. Who said punk is dead? I mean these guys are still using their Hotmail account. Now that’s commitment to the cause. These boys are certainly keeping the genre alive and well. Definitely keep an eye on Luca Brasi as they will be touring soon at a venue near you.



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