Lucy Liu’s stunning erotic paintings are taking the art community by storm

It seems no one was aware of Lucy Liu’s talent in creating works with sexually progressive themes. Well now, a bunch of photos of her paintings have just gone viral.

Lucy Liu’s recent paintings offer a personalised insight into themes of lesbian erotica, often featuring faceless interpretations of female intimacy.

Unsurprisingly, this has been received as massively welcome news among the gay community, with the works receiving high circulation on Twitter and Instagram as a symbol of pride for gay and lesbian sexuality the world around.

Producing her works beneath the artistic pseudonym of Yu Ling, her original Chinese name, Liu had largely kept her film and artistic career separate from each other, until she decided to publicly converge the two interests in 2011.

Apparently Liu has been showing her works internationally since the early ’90s, featuring in shows across Germany, Canada, England, and the US.  Painting is not the only medium in which Liu likes to create, producing textile and screen-printed works along with a plethora of fascinating sculptures and assemblage pieces.

In some other news that may take you by surprise, Liu is also a director and has remained a long-term UNICEF Ambassador advocating for children’s rights and protection since 2004.

The question remains…. is there anything Lucy Liu isn’t capable of?