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Melbourne’s Lushsux has done it again. How much do you think Pauline Hanson is going to like his latest mural?

By News

With his latest politically motivated mural, Melbourne artist Lushsux has outdone himself. Essentially known for publicly displaying building-sized memes such as the infamous Taylor Swift mural (which he became legally obligated to paint over), his previous victims have included Donald Trump, Kanye West and even poor Harambe.

A couple of days ago Lushsux painted a huge mural of Mrs. “I don’t like it” herself – Pauline Hanson. The artwork, complete with a fluttering Australian flag in the background, understandably received a fair amount of hate. The artist’s recent amendment to the piece, however, was where the magic happened.


Melbourne artist Lushsux isn’t afraid of making powerful enemies. After attacking Taylor Swift, Hilary Clinton and more in the past, today he causes trouble closer to home by painting Pauline Hanson in a hijab.

The original mural, pictured above, is admittedly pretty hard to swallow – moreso for context rather than artistic skill. Hanson can be pretty terrifying life-sized, there’s no need to blow her up to the size of a building.

Check out Lushsux’s wonderful changes to the mural below:

Some of the locals in Windsor complained about the portrait of Pauline Hanson, go figure. Had to bow to the pressure and make it a more tolerant and progressive mural work as usual.

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What will he do next? Personally, we can’t wait to see.


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September 23, 2016