Luxembourg is officially the first country to make all public transport free

Public transport in all its glory is a necessity for most of us, and the cost of constant use can add up over the weeks. But lucky for those living in Luxembourg, the country has just confirmed that all public transport is now free for everyone, making them the first nation in the world to have free transportation.

It is said that eliminating the costs will encourage more people to take advantage of public transport, resulting in lower CO2 emission and less crowded roads! It’s a win-win for Luxembourg!

Luxembourg becomes the first country in the world to eliminate all public transport costs, resulting in free transport for everyone.

It was only last year that Luxembourg became the first European country to legalise cannabis, and now they’re continuing their streak of forward-thinking policy with this latest announcement.

Speaking on the decision, Luxembourg’s minister of mobility and public works, François Bausch, acknowledged:

“The range, punctuality and quality of the services on offer are crucial to motivating people to change their habits and switch from private cars to public transport.”

The Luxembourg government made the decision as a response to the large amounts of traffic on the roads. The city also encourages its citizens to reduce their CO2 emission by taking advantage of free public transport.

Bausch describes the move as “The social icing on the cake of the global strategy for a multimodal revolution.” 

“As 2020 is a leap year and as the concerts and celebrations are happening tomorrow, it has been decided to make public transport free as from tomorrow, in order to allow everybody to join the public events free of charge,” a  spokesperson from the Luxembourg government added.

Whilst some have expressed concern, most people have welcomed the decision. A portion of the cost will be covered by removing the tax break for commuters. This will also push people to use the free transport instead of private cars.

Heck yes, Luxembourg!

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