Ukulele Death Squad drop a new video and unleash musical mayhem in Europe!

Ukulele Death Squad brings their Aussie folk charm and musical mischief to deliver their new music video and European tour.

Get ready to embark on a musical adventure with the incredible seven-piece Aussie folk ensemble, Ukulele Death Squad, as they set sail on their European tour, fueled by their captivating new EP, “Til The Death.”

To kick the tour off in fine Squad style, the band has released a hella captivating video for “Down”, so brace yourself for joyful melodies, surprising musical concoctions, and an experience that will leave you uplifted and yearning for more.

Ukulele Death Squad

The masterminds behind Ukulele Death Squad, Stephanie ‘silky’ Rogers and Ignacio ‘nacho’ Larradle, lead the charge with their unrivaled talent.

Stephanie, a virtuoso on the bass ukulele and a mesmerizing vocalist, infuses each performance with her soulful prowess.

Ignacio, the Latin percussion maestro, adds depth to the squad’s sound with funky bass lines and pulsating rhythms that will make your heart race.

Staying true to their essence, Ukulele Death Squad’s latest video clip is a vibrant fusion of mariachi, subtle hints of cabaret, and dark gypsy vibes.

This unlikely combination magically comes together to create a modern and audacious experience that will captivate and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Prepare yourself for a raw gangster energy that adds an unexpected twist to their artistic expression.

For those fortunate enough to have witnessed the band’s live performances, the sheer joy and exuberance that emanate from their soulful displays of melody and infectious vibes are instantly recognizable.

This electric connection between the stage and the EP’s artistic vision is what drives Ukulele Death Squad to create a film clip that authentically captures their essence.

From the very first frames, the video flawlessly translates the band’s musical magic into a visually stunning feast for the senses.

Every shot and frame is meticulously crafted to deliver an aesthetic experience that is both dramatic and visually pleasing.

Prepare to be transported to a bygone era with vintage cabaret influences that add a touch of charm while an enigmatic darkness lurks beneath the surface, keeping you entranced and intrigued.

Ukulele Death Squad’s quintessential style, permeates every scene of the film clip. The performers exude confidence and boldness, leaving an indelible mark on the screen.

The powerful vocals, stunning choreography, and unwavering commitment of each squad member to their craft create a visually captivating experience that demands attention and commands respect.

Experience the unrivaled passion and captivating artistry of Ukulele Death Squad as their fresh new video brings their European and UK Tour celebration to life, showcasing their artistic prowess and unwavering dedication to their musical vision.”

Don’t forget to check out their previous video, Baby Don’t (F*** With Me) which is an absolute joy to watch and perfect for a good old “Squad” get down.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Ukulele Death Squad tour dates, where you can witness their enchanting performances firsthand:

Ukulele Death Squad Tour Dates

11/07/2023 Kesselhaus Summerstage, Berlin, Germany

12/07/2023 Tollwood Festival, Munich, Germany

13/07/2023 Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, Germany

14/07/2023 Komm, Düren, Germany

15/07/2023 DE Adieu Tristessetival, Crailsheim, Germany

18/07/2023 Cafe Galao, Stuttgart, Germany

19/07/2023 Q, Marburg, Germany

20/07/2023 Roxy, Ulm, Germany

21/07/2023 Bardentreffen, Nürnberg, Germany

22/07/2023 Im Grünen Festival, Kirschanschoering, Germany

23/07/2023 Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle, Viechtach, Germany

26/07/2023 Chapel Arts, Bath, UK

29/07/2023 WOMAD Festival, UK 

03/08/2023 Schlachthof, Kassel, Germany 

04/08/2023 – 05/08/2023 Festival Maritim, Bremen, Germany

06/08/2023 Festival Dranouter, Germany

09/08/2023 Acapella Studio, Cardiff, UK

11/08/2023 Bomba, Exeter, UK

13/08/2023 Boomtown Fair, UK