Mad genius figures out how to bake Vodka Cruiser cakes in a Kmart pie maker

An absolute genius has revealed a two ingredient dessert recipe for Vodka Cruiser cakes gone very very right and it has taken the internet by storm. All you need is your Kmart pie maker.

The unique recipe was shared on the Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia Facebook group, described as Two Ingredient Vodka Cruiser Snow Cakes.

The recipe consists of regular cake batter and your favourite flavour Vodka Cruiser, creating the unexpectedly perfect DIY boozy dessert.

These Vodka Cruiser cakes are easier to make than it sounds. Recipe creator Jodie just mixed a bottle of your favourite Cruiser into a packet of cake mix in a bowl, then spooned the batter into her Kmart pie maker and let them cook for around six minutes.

Once cooked, she cut off the tops of the cakes, filled them with whipped cream and put the ‘cake lids’ back on, before sprinkling icing sugar as the final touch. Others in the group have said the dessert cakes taste pretty damn good, and why wouldn’t they!?

Simple, easy and delicious, these are an absolute must for your parties, get togethers and nights in this weekend (and every weekend after that).

What are you waiting for? Get out that pie maker and get boozy baking!