Netflix’s upcoming ‘Magic: The Gathering’ series has found its lead actor

The lead producer of Netflix’s Magic: The Gathering series, Jeff Kline, has cast Brandon Routh in a lead role as Gideon Jura.

After taking over as one of the lead producers for Netflix’s upcoming animated series based on the iconic card game Magic: The Gathering, Jeff Kline has wasted no time in casting actors. Brandon Routh has been announced as the headliner for the show, his role an important one as the new voice for Gideon Jura.

So far, the only details we’ve been given is that the series will follow a group of Planeswalkers. Despite the scarce information, the show will have a whole lot of areas to explore and lore to dive into.

Brandon Routh Magic the Gathering
Image: Roy Rochlin – Getty Images

Netflix assured fans that before the Russo brothers left, the script for the series had already been finished. This left Kline and his team free to begin casting pretty much immediately.

On the note of details, Magic: The Gathering’s Gideon Jura has plenty to dive into and speculate on. Luckily, Wizards of the Coast keeps an archive for all its notable heroic and villainous Planeswalkers alike. Described as “just and charismatic” and originating from “humble beginnings”, the role seems right up Routh’s alley.

Clearly the former Superman Returns star seems to agree. Even better, Gideon Jura has the power of invulnerability – he might as well be the Magic version of Superman.

Sadly, no other members of the Magic: The Gathering cast have been revealed as of yet. But with the release just on the horizon (late 2022), Wizards of the Coast and Netflix are sure to keep building up the hype with future teasers.