Makin’ Moves: eat up this electric dance clip from Japanese animator Kouhei Nakama

Have you ever busted a move like nobody’s watching? And you’re a 3D model? And you’ve been digitally ripped into a million particles and run through generative animation formulas?

Don’t worry, us too. And apparently, so has Japanese art director Kouhei Nakama. Having worked with Lexus, the Toyko Olypmics, Louis Vutton and way, way more, Nakama is no stranger to applying her distinctive animations to high-end clients.

In this new video Makin’ Moves, I reckon they’re just cuttin’ loose.

makin' moves happy

Kick reality into the next level with Makin’ Moves, a wildly jovial video from the unbelievably talented Kouhei Nakama.

It’s some of the best animation we’ve seen, and the dance track behind it is fun without ever taking the focus away from the clip. You’ve got Broke For Free to thank for those beats.

Check out Makin’ Moves below.

Via Colossal.