Maleezy tells a compelling narrative on his debut EP Scared of Shadows

Although he only released his first single a few months ago, Maleezy is quickly establishing himself as an emerging force in Australia’s hip-hop sphere, commanding attention with impressionistic and emotionally charged tracks with an important message.

Maleezy has just released his debut EP Scared of Shadows, a powerful combination of flowing cadence, spoken word, technical wordplay, and trap-infused hip-hop beats.

On his debut EP Scared of Shadows, Canberra-based rapper Maleezy utilises spoken word and emotionally charged lyrics to tell a compelling and thought-provoking narrative.

Canberra rap sensation Maluil Aleer Deng, AKA Maleezy, asserted himself as a force to be reckoned with in Australia’s hip-hop scene when he released his debut single Win in April this year, a single which quickly earned him a spot on Canberra’s Groovin The Moo festival line-up. Since then, he has focused on completing his debut EP Scared of Shadows.

Scared of Shadows is a cohesive, thought-provoking narrative that reflects the issues and struggles faced by South Sudanese/Black communities in Australia. Maleezy utilises news clips, powerful spoken word, and imagery to document the impacts that the media has when pushing an Apex/African gangs rhetoric on African communities.     

“As a rapper, producer, sound engineer and director, I had full control of all aspects of this project. My goal was to share perspectives on this issue that aren’t often heard and hopefully creating awareness and dialogue.” 

Maleezy demonstrates a unique style and versatility that stems from hip-hop influences both modern and classic, such as Tupac and Tyler, The Creator. The tracks in Scared of Shadows paint a powerful picture of being on the receiving end of racism in Australia, oscillating between the varying emotions it evokes; from anger to sadness and fear.

Maleezy highlights his dexterity not only by rapping and singing on the EP but also by producing the project in his home studio.  Scared of Shadows is Maleezy’s first collective work as a solo artist, establishing him as an exciting emerging talent in Canberra’s music space.

It may only be early days for this Canberra-based rapper, but judging by what he’s already produced and his fresh approach to hip-hop music, I think we can safely expect it won’t be long before we get plenty more epic tracks from Maleezy. In the meantime, check out his debut EP above.

To celebrate the release of Scared of Shadows, Maleezy will be performing this Friday the 19th of July at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra.