Man Eating Sloth

There’s that scene in the Hobbit where Bilbo Baggins is trapped in Gollum’s lair and Gollum gets all sassy and decides to have this riddle-me-ree session… Ja? Ja? Awesome, cause me gots a riddle or two I’d like to unleash. So, uno:

What is a leopon? No, it’s not the latest offering from DARPA… although it sure sounds like one. A leopon is a cross (inter-species humping business, who knows what our freaky science guys will do next) between a leopard and a lioness.

Riddle number dos: What do you get when you cross a zebra with a horse? A Zorse.  The other way around would make it a Horbra. Not much you can do with a Horbra (phonetics people) except hide it, but a Zorse, now this name holds weight. Next time you’re chasing that mugger down the street you could yell: “By the powers of Zorse, I command you to stop!” Could work. You never know, until you give it a shot.

man eating slothGabriel McFarland (props to the Misfits t-shirt) is the man behind the Man Eating Sloth moniker, infusing classic electronic sounds with interesting ambience.

And for the finale, tres: What oh what in the name of all things extreme do you get when you cross a sloth with a cannibal? A Man Eating Sloth. Hahaha. Funny eh, how that phrase can be read in two ways… both equally fucked.

Gabriel McFarland, from Dublin (U.S) is the man eating the sloth who makes chilled out electronic which are infused with a lot of ambient sounds. MES’s debut four track EP Schitzengigz was released in May 2012. He’s also got a two track split release with Blackrune.

Undead Space Ranger, (a Halloween single) is landscape music at its best. It starts off in the distance, where the sound becomes a moving horse, galloping toward you from over the dusty orange desert. The hooves of the horse become the percussion striking the ground in tune and in time.

And as horse spins circles around you, you worry that it may crush you but it’s in complete control and just as you start to enjoy its motion, the beast starts to canter away. Hell, you want the dammed thing to stay but wild things can’t be tamed, and all you are left with is a fistful of sand and one finger on the replay icon.

Lately, he’s been touring the nation with Aside Oceans. Another gem from Furious Hooves.


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