Slow Magic

“Slow Magic is the sound of an imaginary friend”, and that is all you are likely to find if looking for information regarding this dreamy Beach Boys cross Icelandic-electronic-influenced producer from the United States. It was even difficult finding out what country he came from, which I guess is the point.

slow magic producerAnonymous producers seem to have become a thing. Here is another: Slow Magic, music from your imaginary friend.

The anonymity of the whole thing is very Daft Punk and Slow Magic’s identity is yet to be revealed, which is a decidedly difficult feat in this generation. His multi-coloured cardboard animal mask and film clip for Youths, set somewhere in the wilderness, gives him a kind of Where the Wild Things Are sensibility.

The ambiguity is all very intentional of course. ‘I just wanted it to be about the music instead of it being about my face’, Slow Magic says in a top secret interview (not even revealing gender, the ‘he’ is for the purpose of the interview only), ‘sometimes it’s fun just to put the art first and then hide in the shadows, I guess.’

After recently signing with Portuguese label LebensStrasse, Slow Magic re-released his EP with 5 added singles. He’s been touring since 2012 and with a European tour already under his belt, he is currently touring the United States for the remainder of 2014.

His debut track Sorry Safari is so bloody catchy, and to be catchy without lyrics to sing along to is really quite a feat. Armed with a Macbook and a drum machine, he blends hardcore percussion with dreamy synth to create an amazing on stage presence and an effervescent sound, reflected in his kaleidoscopic overlay of the sound he produces.

‘Slow Magic is a way to describe how I make music, or what music is. I take a lot of time. I’m really tedious. Too slow probably when it comes to recordings.’

‘Music is magic in unexplainable ways.’

I completely agree with you, Mr. Magic.



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