Mario Vayne finds inspiration in a good burger and chips

Mario Vayne shares his creative magic, where inspiration blooms from life’s simplest pleasures and profound experiences.

In the captivating realm of Mario Vayne, inspiration springs forth from the most unassuming corners of existence. Burgers and chips spark rock anthems, while mountain rides on caffeine-fueled mornings yield hardcore heavy metal rock tracks. The alchemy of studio chemistry, unconventional offerings of herbie teas, and yoga suggestions merely add to the enigmatic allure of this musical wizard.

As he embarks on his creative voyages, Mario’s songwriting becomes an intimate reflection of his own ever-changing emotional tides. From laughter-filled moments to heart-rending experiences, each melody takes shape like a little movie, weaving tales of love, heartbreak, and the beautiful in-betweens.

mario vayne

Refresh your ears with ‘Baby‘ and Step into Mario Vayne’s musical wonderland, where he weaves melodies that capture life’s essence with simplicity and depth.

Different inspiration comes through how I feel. You know if I have a hamburger and chips suddenly get inspired to write a rock song, or have a plate of pasta I always seem to find myself writing soppy ballads.

When I don’t have my coffee in the morning and head off into the mountains for my morning rides, that’s when it turns into hard core heavy metal rock songs lol … I alarmingly one morning was out of coffee and had tea instead.

Things just went completely out of whack..

There was one particular song on the album where I recorded the tracks and was about to do the Vocal tracks .

I had  breakfast , a big lunch , great sleep and I got down to the studio and it just wasn’t happening ! 

The next day I had hardly any sleep, got inspired and changed the chorus on the drive down, 6 whiskeys deep in  the studio  and nailed it, first take. 

Lol …..So when I was recording the vocals in Texas USA , the sound engineer suggested a glass of water and I said nah mate , just give me that honey whisky !!!

One recent funny thing with Simon Cohen in Sydney’s studio 301, I was at the studio preparing to sing my vocals for BABY , and this tray rocks up with a plethora of different types of teas, like lemon tea, lime tea, Peppermint tea, all these different types of herbie teas. 

And I thought nah nah just give me a couple of black coffees with 3 sugars. Then they asked if I needed to do some yoga or breathe work or scales to prepare,…which isn’t my thing so  I was totally  ready to just sing…thought this is going to go really good or really bad…turned out pretty good…of course this had a lot to do with the chemistry that was created between Producer and Artist…bit like the perfect espresso lol.

 Before I recorded initial tracks in Texas, I was doing stuff like fishing and random cool things before I got to recording them . You know the bottom line with me is you have to do a bit of living, enjoying the simple little random things in life that make you happy . As a songwriter I like to see my day as a mystery.

Another time I was so finished with a song so I thought and my 8 year old daughter was mumbling her own words to it which changed the chorus hook. Fair to say I did a lot of driving with her in the following days lol …little Genius.

The inspiration from BABY came from a text message.

You meet someone for the first time, and that first text message the next morning when you’re not sure what to say. Whether or not they feel the same way, that funny awkwardness of whether you’re saying too much or not saying enough and you start second guessing everything coz your interpreting and over analysing the message.

 Laughing is the main ingredient –I found if it makes you laugh , then you know its good.

 When I do the things I love to do, that my day isn’t pre-prepared is when I find I am most inspired to write cool songs and be at my happiest.

 Song writing to me is really just a whole lot of moods. I create little movies in my head and I can hear the whole song  and it can come out of nowhere, and the whole song just comes together and I turn into  a mad professor for like 30 minutes. Then I record the demo.

It’s not something that I’ve had to become a part of, it’s something that’s a part of me.

 You’re  falling in love for example, you then find the next 20 songs you write are love ballads,  it turns into an album of ballads or your breaking up and end up with a whole lot of doom and gloom Metal songs ..i mean , this could go for weeks until that someone ( usually a producer whispers “ Dude , you need to write about other things lol). So finding that happy balance is important….

So For me I found sleeping and waking at the wrong times, eating and drinking whatever I like , riding motorcycles, lots of laughing and playing tennis are my perfect ingredients for cooking up an new song 😊