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Mark Churchill unveils the blissfully nostalgic video for his debut single

Goulburn-based singer-songwriter Mark Churchill’s sound is self-proclaimed “cheesy boy folk”, it’s a breath of fresh air; with laidback, chilled vocals hung across minimal, beautiful acoustic guitar tones and the crackle of analogue recording.

His debut single Another Song is nothing if not easy on the ear, it’s organic and sincere, as Churchill demonstrates an incredible restraint that evokes a wistful nostalgia that is all at once powerful and gentle.

Goulburn-born singer-songwriter Mark Churchill unveils the blissfully nostalgic music video for his raw, heartfelt debut single Another Song.

Mark Churchill has been keeping his music in his pocket for a while now, after working with three different producers, and never really finding a sound he was happy with, he “hit a wall” and decided to keep his music to himself , he says that he’s “always found it really hard to let things go.”

“Last July my sister bought me a dodgy old 4-track cassette recorder. Inspired by Elliot Smith, Daniel Johnston, Ariel Pink and other lo-fi wizards, I discovered for myself a masochistic delight in trying to construct beauty from a scratchy, flawed medium. What came out were a handful of songs, which feel painfully intimate and super dodge – but very real and pretty (in my opinion).”

After winning the opportunity to support The Rubens, Milan Ring, and Shady Nasty when they play in his hometown of Goulburn for Chucka Bucka’s regional tour, Mark decided to finally “let ‘this thing’ go” release some of his music, and we’re so glad he did. Another Song is raw, honest and heartfelt, with effortless hazy vocals and a sweet acoustic softness that make the track delightfully subtle and moving.

The music video is a collection of tape footage from Churchill’s childhood, growing up in regional NSW, perfectly reflecting the blissful nostalgia in the track. This song is a quiet storm, with cassette tape hiss that sounds like a distant falling rain; it’s like a lazy Sunday in a warm, cosy home listening to the rain falling on a tin roof. This simplistic, peaceful happy place is reflected in the video, as a younger Mark enjoys heavy rainfall and snow.

Mark Churchill will be playing at Chucka Bucka’s Regional Tour in Goulburn tomorrow night, the 10th of August, you can find out more here.


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August 9, 2019