Eagle Eye Jones deliver a masterful debut of interstellar song craft

Eagle Eye Jones deliver a masterful debut of interstellar song craft

Easy on the eye and welcome to the ears, the Sydney 5-piece have today released their debut EP, Moon Rose Red.

Eagle Eye Jones have crafted an all encompassing soulful experience that is rich with experimentation and impenetrable in groove.

Eagle Eye Jones

Eagle Eye Jones deliver an incredible, psychedelic, groove-laden debut EP culminating in the interstellar orgasm that is Dreaming.

Opener, Lady of the Rose, is familiar yet strange, crooning with seductive yet bright jam-ability. Thus, the Eagle Eye spell is cast with mystique and beguiling charisma. Here a reigning guitar solo affords itself to act as anti-melodic passage way into the riff-riddled Never Get Me Down and beyond.

Psych synonyms can be drawn to pioneers like The Grateful Dead, but the ever present influence of the celestial Jeff Buckley is undeniable in Luke Saunders’ emotive lead vocals. His gregarious nature drips in professionalism and masks an endearing vulnerability.

Check out the Moon Rose Red below:

 Jason Styles’ is cymbal forward on the kit throughout Do Old Houses Dream keeping things crispy. But whether you’ve been following the steady release of the each single or receiving all four songs in one dose, it’s clear why Dreaming was left till last.

Swelling up from a disconcerted fragility, Dreaming rises to the decadent occasion. As much as you can hear the careful curation, the simplicity of an ambient soundscape takes over. A cyclical scale reminiscent of The Beatle’s Happiness is a Warm Gun, hands itself over into abstract and whimsical lyrics, ‘I see colours yeah, I see colours but only in black and white’.

Long-awaited, these four tracks by the Sydney outfit are a promising demonstration of form. Recorded in Studios 301 with the guiding hand of Jack Garzonio, it’s transparent that these gents are genuine craftsmen of song-writing, first and foremost.

Eagle Eye Jones have their money where their mouth is.

See them soar as the launch the EP at:

22 Aug – Lansdowne, Sydney – Tickets here.
Supports from Tuppaware Party and LadyKing.

23 Aug – The Northern, Byron Bay – Info here.
Supports from Sunrose and The Oogars.