Marvell deliver restless brilliance in their new music video for ’19 Homes’

Marvell have struck indie-rock gold on their latest single. 19 Homes boasts all the parts of the Sydney-based band that you have come to know and love; narrative lyricism, Australiana, acoustic hooks, and truly addictive melodies. Yet somehow, the single’s music video manages to elevate all these charms onto another level.

The band invite you to the raucous night out that you dreamt of during lockdown and the party that you wish you were at right now. For the three-minutes that Marvell’s new video plays, all of life’s worries evaporate and you are left with nothing but a good time, served straight from the band themselves. It’s sonic brilliance with bite.

Marvell, new music video, 19 homes, single, new direction, Sydney, five piece bandSydney legends Marvell have sifted through indie-rock’s finest to produce their most captivating work yet.

What do you get when you combine the talents of award-winning composer Jan Skubiszewski, director Tom Muir, producer Daniel Pollock, the distinct cadence of the Marvell brothers, and lockdown? A restless creative energy that dips and swirls through textures, tones, and delivers audiences into the present.

Marking a turning point for the group, Marvell dove headfirst into the new year with two new singles under their belt. Mastering the art of the easy-going, the band have been delivering uplifting hits that captivate audiences from start to finish. 19 Homes is certainly no exception. 

Blending refreshing acoustic hooks with thoughtful storytelling, the track serves as the perfect canvas to build the ideal Marvell party on. As the clip begins, we see the band ushered out of home by a dreaded landlord: the classic stitch-up. They then dedicate themselves to performing the most memorable house party they can muster, a plan that the band certainly execute.

For fans of the Foo Fighters, Boy and Bear, Kings of Leon, Marvell should be your new focus. The entire track echoes with positivity, however certainly not at the expense of nuance. With 19 Homes serving as a tasty teaser of what’s in store, there’s a lot to get excited about from the Sydney quintet.

Check out the video for 19 Homes here.