Matsana drops new single ‘Proportions’

Matsana releases brand new single ‘Proportions’ a dreamy blend of soft padded piano and whimsical ambient sounds.

Bursting onto the Sydney music scene is artist Matsana, with his first release ‘Proportions’ showcasing a fresh take on the indie sound with a blend of ambient and dreamy elements.

Matsana told Happy that ‘Proportions’ was inspired by a vivid dream he had containing the song. Matsana stated that in his sleepy daze, he woke up to take the opportunity to capture the song in a voice recording before falling back to sleep. The next day he took his piano to make this song a reality, and that was how ‘Proportions’ was born.

Matsana Proportions
Credit: Matsana

The track starts off with softly padded melodic piano, with whimsical ambient sounds floating in the background, transporting you to a dream-like world. His vocals soar above the music, making you feel as if you are experiencing a lucid dream, very much like Alice falling down down the rabbit hole and finding herself in a new world. 

Matsana explained that the repetitive harmony throughout the song is to represent a subliminal recurring dream. 

The lyrics in the song follows Matsana through his past relationships with loved ones, and calls to those who he has lost, with nothing but music and dreamy memories to comfort him throughout the heartache of loss. Despite the dismal lyrics, towards the end of the song he conveys that he has found the better side of life despite it all. 

‘Proportions’ is a song that oozes grandeur with rich orchestral and ambient instrumentation with intimate lyrics. It is a song that will send you in a whirlwind of emotions, and feels like a dream that you are so enamoured by before the crashing end of waking up.

Listen to Proportions here, or check out Matsana on spotify below.