Upcoming rapper? Matt Hsu has laid down the instrumental, now he just needs you

Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Matt Hsu needs your help for his latest and most ambitious project yet.

His one-man Obscure Orchestra, that is made up of over 20 instruments, needs just one more part to come into the fold. It’s a human voice, and it could be yours.

Matt Hsu is on the lookout for rappers to collaborate on his newest acoustic jam made up of 22 instruments, all played by Matt himself.

Obscure is a great word to describe Matt Hsu and his approach to music. A brief look into his back catalogue tells the story of a man who isn’t just a multi-instrumentalist, but multi-talented.

He says he doesn’t take electronic shortcuts and doesn’t feel limited by his acoustic decisions to create “pieces reminiscent of soundtracks to a weird international arthouse film.”

Hsu, a QMusic Award Finalist and BEMAC featured artist, is as eclectic as he is technically able. His songs stretch from sugar sweet indie pop to stand-up musical comedy, all the while playing every instrument on each track.

You can’t stop this guy. He owes his unique sound to his immigrant roots which “relishes the grey areas between cultures and ethnic sounds.” Now, Matt wants to try his hand at rap music and the call has gone out for a talented vocalist – Australian music needs you!

If you think you’ve got the chops, shoot Matt a message on his Facebook page.