Matthew Seligman, David Bowie bassist, dies from coronavirus at 64

Matthew Seligman, the bassist for David Bowie, the Soft Boys, Morrissey and Sinéad O’Connor has died from coronavirus at the age of 64.

Seligman has been remembered as a kind and loving friend, described by his colleagues as “unfailingly generous and inspiring”.

Matthew Seligman

Playing with some of the biggest acts of the ’80s including David Bowie and Morrissey, bassist Matthew Seligman has died aged 64.

Following a stint as a bassist for the new wave band the Soft Boys, Seligman would go onto greater success as Bowie’s bassist. Performing with Bowie on his ’80s hit single Absolute Beginners, Seligman would eventually also perform live alongside the musician at his legendary 1985 Live Aid performance.

Even though he found success as a musician throughout the ’80s, Seligman ultimately decided to put music to one side and pursue a different career. After retraining as a lawyer, he decided that his true calling was helping out people less fortunate than himself.

Even though he lived the high-life of stadium rock during the ’80s, he was very humble about his time playing for some of the biggest artists in the world. One of his colleagues commented:

“Although he had stories about David and Mick and others, Matthew was very far from anyone’s idea of a rock star lawyer; boyishly enthusiastic, humble, capable of showing vulnerability as he was incapable of telling a lie and utterly intolerant of any form of bullying or cruelty.”

Seligman is survived by his partner and children.