Maver and Charlotte Viney explore changing relationships on First Time

Producer and electronic artist Maver (real name Matthew Vereker) and singer-songwriter Charlotte Viney have collaborated on First Time, a song with heart and heavy production effortlessly woven in with beautiful vocals.

Both budding musicians from Perth, this release marks the duo’s debut single, and a solid one of that. With pulsing synthesizers, groovy bass hooks and escalating layers, the song’s instrumentation compliments the honest lyricism and Viney’s storytelling flow.

Perth duo Maver and Charlotte Viney have collaborated on their debut single First Time, an electro-pop tune exploring heartbreak and changing relationships.

With lyrics such as “I be falling cause I thought you’d catch me on the other side, how wrong was I” and “how can we make it make it all on our own when we know we were broken from the start,” the song explores changing relationships and conflicting emotions.

Across its punchy three-minute run-time, the track navigates myriad sonic territories to deliver something truly dynamic. The track’s production and vocals weave into something truly hypnotic, and we guarantee that after giving this single one spin, you’ll have it on repeat for hours.

Speaking about the track, the duo said:

“First Time details the want for the partner you love to change their ways and to keep the level of energy at the start of the relationship like the first time. This came from the past of feeling these experiences that then changed both of us. This song comes from the heart and heartbreak in which we felt from the past.”

Maver is a classically trained pianist, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has decided to pursue electronic music production, inspired by artists such as Wafia, Louis The Child, Flume and Whethan.

Charlotte Viney started songwriting in 2013, with her first two songs Hurricane and Only Thing I Need nominated for a Western Australia Music (WAM) Award, with Hurricane getting her the win that year and Only Thing I Need the next. S

Do yourself a favour and listen to First Time below: