Nick Cave has let slip that Grinderman may return for a third album

Nick Cave has let slip that Grinderman may return for a third album

Word on the street is that Nick Cave and his band Grinderman may be releasing a new album for the first time in nine years.

In Cave’s latest post on the Red Hand Files, upon answering a question about his favourite guitarist, he spoke about King Crimson’s Robert Fripp who once collaborated with Grinderman on their song Heathen Child off their sophomore album Grinderman 2. He said the LP was “part of a yet to be completed trilogy, you might be happy to know.”

Nick Cave has hinted that a Grinderman 3 album may be in the works, stating the band’s sophomore album was “part of a yet to be completed trilogy”.

Grinderman was an Australian-British rock band that was conceived in London back in 2006, with members Nick Cave (vocals, guitar, organ, piano), Warren Ellis (tenor guitar, electric mandolin, violin, viola, guitar, backing vocals), Martyn P Casey (bass, guitar, backing vocals) and Jim Sclavunos (drums, percussion, backing vocals).

The band announced their split back in 2011 after releasing two hard-hitting self-titled albums, Grinderman and Grinderman 2. They briefly reunited in 2013 for a killer Coachella performance – in a Twitter post outlining the reasoning behind the unexpected show, Cave said:

“Every other shitty band is doing it, why not someone who’s actually good.”

No other details about the album have been released, but we’ll be waiting…