Max C Bud closes a trifecta of unforgettable singles with Relevance

Sydney songwriter Max C Bud is proving to be nothing if not versatile. To date in 2019 he’s released the blissful Temptress and the danceable I Guess It Has To Be This Way, two diverse arrangements linked only by their quality the man behind them.

Max’s most recent single Relevance continues the trend; a catchy, soft rock tune with plenty of heart.

Max C Bud - Relevance
Photo: Max C Bud on Facebook

Max C Bud returns with Relevance, his third new single of 2019 and further proof that he can take any style and make it his own.

Sparked by moments in his own past, Relevance tells a tale that’s relatable, vulnerable, and bound by a sense of innocence. The film clip, directed by Lilliane Moffat, is the perfect visual device to capture Max’s spellbinding story.

Speaking of the track, Max shared, “I wanted to capture the sense of gratitude I was feeling after looking back at the person I had become after going through some difficult time.”

Relevance also marks the final single Max C Bud recorded with Boo Seeka’s Sam Croft, following the aforementioned Temptress and I Guess It Has To Be This Way. Being privy to watching each tune flourish has been sublime, and no doubt has cemented Max’s space in the hearts of many new fans.

What comes next from Max C Bud, we can’t know. But if he keeps up the consistency he’s proven to capture with his 2019 output, we’ll be all ears.


Relevance is out now.