It’s time to move your hips to Max C Bud’s new single I Guess It Has To Be This Way

Sydney-based artist Max C Bud has unveiled his latest track, a slinky sophomore single named I Guess It Has To Be This Way.

In a step away from debut single Tempress, this new track is one you’ll want to move your hips to. Fuelled by a heavy beat and sultry vocal melodies, I Guess It Has To Be This Way is an earworm of the highest calibre.

max c bud I guess it has to be that way
Photo: Max C Bud on Facebook

Get up and move to I Guess It Has To Be This Way, a new single and a brand new direction for multi-talented Sydney artist Max C Bud.

Once again, Max C Bud called in the production talents of Boo Seeka’s Sam Croft on I Guess It Has To Be This Way. The sheen is clear in the track, a radio-ready rhythm that’s absolutely rippling with confidence.

Speaking about the track, Bud shared:

“IGIHTBTW is my most boundary pushing track to date. Sam and I wanted to use a range in my vocals that I hadn’t explored before, and the result is a cruisy melody that is a lot of fun to sing, and hopefully gets people moving along”

While Temptress showcased a more mellow side to this artist, it’s become clear on I Guess It Has To Be This Way  that Max C Bud is anything but one-dimensional. With these two vastly different yet plainly effective songs under his belt, there’s no telling where he will go next.


I Guess It Has To Be This Way  is out now.