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MedFetUK, a fetishwear supplier, is donating their entire stock of scrubs to nurses

In a strange turn of events at a very strange time in human history, fetishwear supplier, MedFetUK, is supplying scrubs to the NHS (National Health Service).

MedFetUK aren’t just supplying a few pieces to the NHS, they’re supplying the entirety of their “top quality medical grade” scrubs. We would be curious to figure out how popular this fetish gear actually is. We suspect it’s incredibly popular.


Fetishwear company, MedFetUK, have done their part to support nurses during the Coronavirus crisis by pledging their entire stock to undersupplied medical staff.

The company have also gone on the attack. In a recent Tweet, the company explained, “When you see someone from the government saying the NHS is getting what it needs, that is a LIE. We have been contacted this week by representatives of NHS procurement all over the country, trying to source basic protective equipment and clothing.”

They continued, “When we, a tiny company set up to serve a small section of the kink community, find ourselves being sought out as a last-resort supplier to our National Health Service in a time of crisis, something is seriously wrong. In fact, it’s scandalous.”

With recent major cuts and privatisation to the NHS, it has left the UK health system in an incredibly fragile state. Later in the Twitter thread, MedFetUk stated their unwavering support for the medical staff, “So when it’s all over… and the doctors, nurses and other staff have done an amazing job (as they undoubtedly will despite the circumstances)… let’s not forget, or forgive, the ones who sent the NHS into this battle with inadequate armour and one hand tied behind its back. The real heroes are the NHS staff at every level who are on the front line of this fight.”

Check out the original Twitter thread below.



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March 30, 2020