Meekz releases his most compelling mixtape ‘Respect The Come Up’

Respect The Come Up is Meekz’s defining return to music, and will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last note plays.

Hailing from the vibrant Manchester music scene is rapper Meekz, an artist that is undeniably a force to be reckoned with. Appearing on the music scene in 2019 with his debut single, Hoods Hottest, he quickly received a tsunami of support from the streets and beyond.

Now, with his new mixtape Respect The Come Up out for the world to enjoy, this 10-track project will blow you away with his unwavering confidence and compelling wordplay.

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Following the mixtape announcement, Meekz released his new freestyle Daily Duppy via GRM Daily. This freestyle showcases Meekz’s witty punchlines combined with his dextrous flow, giving his audience something to sink their teeth into until his mixtape dropped.

Respect The Come Up is Meekz’s defining return to music. It showcases impeccable tone and compelling lyrics, where he combines his unique Mancunian lingo, pulling listeners deeper into his world. Respect The Come Up depicts Meekz’s life with a clarity and raw emotion that only real rap can provide. This project may delve into Meekz’s life, but it also provides an outlet for reflection, as it looks back on how far he has come from the start of his career, focusing on the finer details of his upbringing to becoming one of the most respected rappers in the UK.

This mixtape starts with the stunning and cutting track, Say Less, which propels you into Meekz’s life, before hitting you with his scathing angst in the title track Respect The Come Up, which delves further into the rise of his career and not forgetting where he came from. With broody beats and moody synths that captivate your attention, Meekz has made sure that his music tells us just as much of the story as his cunning lyrics do.

Respect The Come Up
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Continuing the mixtape is Fresh Out The Bank. It has a deep bass that shakes the track, combined with punchy lyrics about the money that came with his success. Don’t Like Drill switches up the pace with high-energy beats and lyrics dripping with attitude. More Money continues with rich chords, creating a cinematic and polished sound to his music.

Following on is Hustler’s Ambition which sees a deep moment of reflection in lyrics, presenting a whole new side to his craft. Patience and Take Losses see Meekz take a more inward turn with his themes, as he delves into his upbringing and the adversities he and his family faced.


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Killin’ Off sees Meekz bringing back his scathing lyrics that cut sharper than a knife, as he attempts to kill off his demons and past life. Ending the mixtape on one last high is Instagram Caption, which shares more intimate aspects of Meekz’s life, allowing us one last peak behind the curtains of his hardened facade.

Respect The Come Up is Meekz’s most prolific work to date. Meekz doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of his life and basks in the joyous moments of his much-earned success. The mixtape title rings true, because no matter where his career takes him, he will always respect where he has come from. Stream Respect The Come Up via Spotify below.