Meet Baker Boy: the 20-year-old Aboriginal Australian rapping in his mother language

Danzel Baker is a 20-year-old Australian performer, sending some positive vibes to Indigenous Australian communities and we’re sure, the music world.

Baker has already released Cloud 9, a track featuring him rapping in the Yolngu Matha language; a first for Aussie indigenous rappers, who don’t actually have a history of performing in their native language.

Baker’s intention is to become a role model to kids living in remote communities, using traditional culture to reach out to those involved in drug use and drinking.

Cloud 9 is an ode to Baker’s hometown, Milingimbi, his family and the harsh but beautiful Australian scenery the region has to offer.

Going by the name of Baker Boy, the indigenous musician and dancer has a rare dream underpinned with good intent; to be Australia’s first indigenous language rapper. Baker is from the Milingimbi community in the NT’s north-eastern Arnem Land, with English being his third language.

Inspired by up-and-coming musicians Garruwa and Yirrmal, with the influences of successful Aussie acts Yothu Yindi and Gurrumul originating from the Northern Territory, it’s no wonder music has created a pathway for Baker’s creativity.

Baker has been working with IHHP (Indigenous Hip Hop Projects) for a number of years, using music to reach out to young people by educating and directing them to positive solutions.

Baker Boy currently resides in Melbourne, dedicating his spare time to travelling around and working with young, indigenous people across the country.