Time to pinch yourself: the dreamy Edie Green are sounding serene on their latest EP

When Edie Green starts playing, you’ll want to pinch yourself. The Perth-based four piece knows their way around the sonics that town loves so dearly, weaving together nothing but dreamy, textured jams since day one.

Back in January we premiered their clip Sliding, a sprawling, surreal rollercoaster which added a sinister edge to a funky, funky jam. That song served as the first track off their upcoming 2017 EP The Sea It Binds You, out this Friday.

edie green
Photo: Zac Gordon

Like a turbulent lucid dream, the music of Edie Green wobbles along a musical tightrope suspended somewhere between jazz, funk and psychedelia.

Edie Green is absolutely the kind of artist every listener will take something different away from. Not that it’s an uncommon phenomenon anymore, but they bring in such a broad range of musical influence that it would be impossible to pin them down with any kind of label.

The free-flowing approach of jazz dances with the drama of heavier influence, the band taking definite notes from distinctive alternative vocalists like Black Francis of The Pixies or Erykah Badu.

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Momentum obviously plays a huge part in the tunes Edie Green produce, most of their jams rising and falling with the weight and volume of a great ocean swell. Both Sliding and latest single Smalltime Viticulturalist  showcase this to the highest degree, bumping between full-band crescendos and practical whispers with ease.

Songwriting aside, everything these potent Perth rockers have released so far has been underpinned by a degree of straight-up technical prowess which few local bands could match. Their drummer is obviously jazz trained, and the guitar intermissions throughout all but a few of their songs show a similar level of improvisational confidence.

Lead singer Sophie’s voice is harder to place, given that she has the range of a vocalist who has been professionally taught but the soul of someone who throws their entire emotional weight into every performance. It’s the rare balance between technical superiority and the right amount of feeling, and Edie Green only benefits from this spellbinding duality.

Veterans of the scene since 2013, Edie Green have chugged along with more certainty than the sunrise since their inception. Beacons of the creative explosion Perth is lapping up right now, their impetus is matched only by their diversity.

We couldn’t be more excited to hear the rest of The Sea It Binds You in a couple of days.


Catch Edie Green launching their new EP The Sea It Binds You this Friday May 26 at Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth. They’ll be joined by Flossy and Ah Trees.

Grab all the finer details on the Facebook event.