Melbourne Students protest re-hiring of staffer accused of sexual assault

Melbourne Uni Students walk off campus after staff member accused of sexual assault is re-hired

Students from the University of Melbourne have walked off campus today after a faculty member was readmitted to the school despite sexual assault allegations.

University of Melbourne students are calling for the school to introduce a “zero tolerance policy” towards sexual harassment after a male staffer was re-hired despite allegations of abusing students.

The man taught at the Victorian College of the Arts, a school within the prestigious Melbourne university, and had been accused of sexual misconduct on multiple occasions.

Credit: University of Melbourne

Students submitted a press release, detailing their stance and airing to the university’s refusal to act upon accusations against the staff member.

Multiple students have approached other teachers to report sexual harassment, but they say the university refused to act.

One of those survivors is Antoinette Tracey, who shared her experience of sexual misconduct another staff member, but was instead told to “view sexual and racial acts of violence as compliments.”

“We were told that we’d never make it in the industry if we continued to speak out about injustices,” Tracy said.

Another student, Sinead Fernandes, had a similar experience when she tried to report the male staffer. “I spent 25 minutes explaining in detail every single traumatising event, she said nothing. The first time said anything was “Well what about his feelings?”

In a statement to Junkee, the University of Melbourne say they “took appropriate action” when notified about the staff members misconduct.

Yet here they are, allowing the very same man to return to campus.