Mellowbop asserts his vision with Mellow Theme, a deep cut from his ‘22 album release Bop!

An artist from Atlanta, mellowbop is already two albums deep into his songwriting career.

With a soothing R&B style vocal that channels the classic tendencies of Marvin Gaye and the modern familiarity of Daniel Caesar, mellowbop carries with him an authenticity and charm that has Mellow Theme amassing over 30,000 streams. 

Despite its title, Mellow Theme was created during a time of turmoil. Perhaps even in response to mellowbop’s situation – working a draining job, getting fired from said draining job, and watching his income spiral down the proverbial drain.


Channelling his anxieties into his art, Mellow Theme is the opposite of the worrisome state mellowbop found himself in, instead proclaiming and imploring others to keep a cool head when their sanity is being tested.

Chill-fi production, clean noodling guitars and a soft hip-hop beat accompany mellowbop’s smooth musings.

Wise words of keeping a cool head and choosing the high road cycle throughout Mellow Theme, with ethereal vocal runs giving the track its otherworldly energy. 

Teeming with coolness and a dose of spirituality, mellowbop’s love of the craft shines through his every word, as well as demonstrating his ethos for dealing with hard times.

It’s comforting and inspiring, as well as comfortably hypnotising. Relaxing though still captivating, Mellow Theme is the perfect track to encapsulate who mellowbop is, and his songwriting ability.

Using his desperation as his impetus, Mellow Theme is the exact opposite of the situation that spawned it. 

A testament to positive thinking, and to mellowbop’s capacity for creation during dire circumstances, Mellow Theme is an anthem in its own understated right.

Perhaps even a song we all need to hear, and to embed into our everyday outlook and interactions. If mellowbop can reach for a higher state of mind in the midst of darkness, then I suppose the rest of us can too.

Following his calling, and taking the risks that come along with doing so, mellowbop has clearly made the right decision, if Mellow Theme is anything to go by. 

Listen to Mellow Theme below. 

Review By Caitlin Norris