Arni Mac stuns with All My Fault, a scathing country rock ballad out of Brisbane

At just eighteen years old, Arni Mac already has the confidence of a seasoned professional, and the pipes to go along with it.

A perfect country rock ballad, All My Fault is an intoxicating showcase of Mac’s talent and songwriting chops, and practically begs for more of what she has to offer. 

With the power of Maren Morris and attitude of Perth’s Siobhan Cotchin, Arni Mac has all the makings of one of the greats.

arni mac

Backed by an immensely competent band, Mac laments over the end of a relationship, and the parts of her lover’s mind that she will never be able to understand.

Questioning her own culpability and reason, Mac scathingly dismantles the behaviour of her paramour while planting constant seeds of self doubt, creating an intense push and pull as she works through what the relationship has left her with.

It’s hard to believe Mac is a beginner artist, with the conception of production of All My Fault towering at such a high standard, one that could rival the country hits of today. 

It’s not just Mac’s impressive vocal that makes All My Fault captivate so immediately, but the classic country inspired lyricism and production that give the single its irrefutable authenticity.

A mixture of rage, regret and longing – must have ingredients for any country ballad – dance together deliciously throughout the entirety of All My Fault, with expertly articulated dynamic shifts, and space for Mac’s vocal prowess to flourish.

There is so much power within All My Fault that it is hard to imagine it ever being contained again.

There is a classic energy to All My Fault, like that of Before He Cheats or Velvet Elvis.

Perhaps it’s in the undercurrent of danger that hides in the melodies and the bass lines, or the melody that stews and explodes, then stews once again until it can’t help but to bubble over the sides, staining and burning in its wake. 

It goes without saying that Arni Mac is a bright light in the country rock scene, one that demands attention, even when said light becomes blinding. To not keep at least one eye on where she goes next would be to make a grievous mistake. 

Listen to All My Fault below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris