MGMT are back with more than just a festival announcement

MGMT is back, and they are basking in the indie revival with more than just a show announcement.

As the adage goes; “what’s old is new again”, and 2023 has seen pop culture slipping back into somewhat of an indie sleaze revival era. I for one can’t be more excited… for the music side of things, not the questionable fashion that was in at the time.

If there was any band that screamed indie sleaze, it was American Indie Rock band MGMT, who had the majority of us millennials in a chokehold with their hit tracks Electric Feel (even though I kinda of thought they said “electric eel” the first time I heard it), Time To Pretend, and Kids – just to name a few.

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The band has decided to use the indie sleaze comeback as leverage to start teasing their new album, which also coincidently paired beautifully with their announcement of making an appearance at Just Like Heaven music festival.

The group posted a statement to their social media, stating: “We will be returning to the stage for the first time in nearly four years on May 13th at Just Like Heaven Festival in Pasadena, and we’ll be doing a unique MGMT performance, featuring our entire first album, Oracular Spectacular. We’ve stocked up on rust remover and are constructing a state of the art elf workshop so as to attempt to provide the most experimental live show since we were wee lads playing hockey in the middle of songs etc.” 


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The duo also at the end of the announcement cheekily hinted at a new album in the works, stating: “Furthermore, keep checking back in with us because we’ve been making some fun new recordings and have a fancy new album (LOL) that should be finished at some point this year, which is the year 2023.”

So by the looks of things MGMT are officially back on the scene with new music on the way. If you are anything like me, and you are desperate for further updates from the band, then they have hinted at signing up for their mailing list, which will provide us will all the future MGMT goodness that we have been missing.