He’s still got it. Marty McFly aka Michael J. Fox joins Coldplay onstage to recreate iconic scene from Back to the Future

Over the weekend, Coldplay played two shows in New Jersey’s Metlife stadium. Ticket holders to one of those shows were given a pretty humongous surprise – twin covers of Earth Angel by Penguins and Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry featuring Back to the Future’s Michael J. Fox.

The actor jumped on the guitar halfway through Earth Angel, and safe to say he’s still got it.

Michael J Fox Johnny B Good

Michael J. Fox first flexed his fingers in 1985’s Back to the Future, shredding to save his parent’s marriage in a scene we’ll never forget.

Over 30 years ago the two songs were performed in 1985’s Back to the Future,  in iconic prom scenes from the film’s last act. A few days ago, the performance was prompted by Chris Martin’s son Moses in a small clip played to the concerts’ audience. Martin Jr. requested a song from his favourite movie, Back to the Future, and his father was happy to oblige. I’m sure Moses wasn’t the only person there with such a fine taste in cinema.

You can check out the clip from the performance below:

Here’s Fox rockin’ Johnny B. Goode back in the day:

Via Billboard.