Journey through ethereal landscapes: Milan André Boronell’s sonic exploration in ‘ethos pathos logos

Milan André Boronell unveils his ethereal and soul-stirring second album, ethos pathos logos, filled with evocative lyrics and genre-defying soundscapes.

Canadian musician and singer-songwriter Milan André Boronell stays true to his signature blend of atmospheric textures and honest storytelling on his meticulously crafted second album, ethos pathos logos, which was delicately crafted over three years in collaboration with British co-producer Kristofer Harris (Belle and Sebastian) and released on June 2nd.

Forgoing genre-based predictability for the sake of eleven undefinable and soulful soundscapes with evocative lyrics and rhythms, Milan André Boronell’s sophomore release ethos pathos logos arrives two years after his solo debut, five hundred days.

Milan André Boronell

Having embarked on his musical journey as a guitarist in Montreal at the tender age of ten, Milan André Boronell’s path led him to perform in his early teens before venturing to London, Prague, and Bratislava, Slovakia, where the seeds of his second album, ethos pathos logos, were planted.

With a rich heritage combining Slovak and Afro-Cuban roots, Boronell’s emotional connection to his mother’s native land likely influenced the inception of these songs. Teaming up with renowned British producer Kristofer Harris, known for his work with indie pop acts like Belle and Sebastian, Boronell released his debut album after three original singles in 2020.

With ethos pathos logos, Boronell’s artistic vision shines through with a touch of Harris’s expertise, while incorporating more of his own production methods.

As listeners dive into tracks like ‘aurora’, ‘weary’, and ‘[my] self’, they are treated to a tapestry of acoustic and electronic instrument layering, ethereal vocal harmonies, and lush soundscapes that transport them to dreamlike gardens filled with enchanting and surreal sonic discoveries.

The album’s unpredictable nature, where gentle chorus hooks and shifting rhythms abound, provides a refreshing highlight. Additionally, the raw and stripped-back qualities of tracks like ‘too close’ and ‘don’t worry’, likely resulting from intimate “off the floor” sessions recorded by Boronell alone, add an endearing touch to the album’s varied sonic palette.

As Boronell shares on his Facebook page, he’s grateful for any ears (or ‘years’) that may choose to have a listen to ethos pathos logos, or experience ‘aurora’.

Photos by Jana Gombikova and Piotr Gaska

Review By Corin Shearston