Miley Cyrus asked a fan out on TikTok and then changed her mind

Off the back of her new album, Plastic Hearts, our favourite punk rock angel Miley Cyrus has been taking to TikTok to comment on fans’ posts.

A recent viral TikTok challenge – which saw fans uploading videos of themselves along with the caption, “if Miley Cyrus comments, I’ll do x” – has finally paid off, after Miley Cyrus actually began responding to people in the comment section.

Blaming her newfound spare time on quarantining, Cyrus replied to a mixed bag of posts, from naming an unborn child to giving relationship advice, even offering up some wild tattoos ideas.

miley cyrus metallica
Photo via Twitter

In one video, which featured a couple kissing, the poster wrote “if miley cyrus comments we will get married”, to which Miley responded: “Hope it goes better for you two than it did for me”. Elsewhere she suggested that one user shave their head and another get “LET’S RIDE” tattooed on their butt cheeks.

The most exciting comment, however, was delivered to El Blake, who posted that she would get a tattoo of whatever Miley commented – to which Miley responded with: “how about the time and place of our first date?”. 

@elblakee@mileycyrus i’m serious ##fup♬ Plastic Hearts – Miley Cyrus

The video instantly blew up with over 22 million views with Blake responding: “I would be down to take you out anytime”.

But alas, this love affair was seemingly not meant to be, as Miley allegedly deleted the comment upon discovering that Blake was knowingly seeing someone already in a relationship.

Yikes. Looks like this time around she can’t get the best of both worlds.

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