Milk! Records celebrates 10 Years with remixed compilation album

Milk! Records marks its 10-year anniversary with the release of Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1, a compilation album featuring reworked versions of some of the label’s most beloved tracks.

For the past decade, Milk! Records has been a vital force in the Australian independent music scene, fostering a community of diverse and talented artists and releasing music that pushes boundaries and defies easy categorization.

Born our of ten years worth of incredible music, the indie label is set to release its first-ever compilation album, Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1. The forthcoming LP features reworked versions of some of the label’s most beloved tracks by an impressive lineup of Australian musicians and producers.

milk! records

The latest preview of the compilation comes in the form of The Merindas’ remix of Courtney Barnett’s “History Eraser,” which adds an electrifying, dancefloor-ready twist to the indie rock original. The Merindas, a powerhouse duo, pay homage to Barnett’s songwriting and attitude, infusing the remix with their signature bedazzling touch.

Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1  includes reworked tracks by a diverse range of artists such as Stella Mozgawa, Marcus Whale, Banoffee, and Rebel Yell. The compilation highlights the impact that Milk! Records has had on the Australian music scene and beyond, having released over 60 titles in the past decade.

Founded in 2012 with the release of Courtney Barnett’s debut EP, Milk! Records has gone on to release music from a diverse roster of artists, including Jen Cloher, Hachiku, and Liz Stringer. The label has also supported internationally renowned acts such as Sleater-Kinney, Chastity Belt, and Hand Habits. Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1 is a fitting tribute to the label’s legacy, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of the artists that it has helped to nurture over the years.

With its release date set for May 12th, Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1 is sure to be a must-listen for fans of the label and for those who appreciate innovative remixes that pay homage to the original tracks.


Milk! Records – Milk! Records Remixed Vol 1

1. The Finks – the moment the world rushed in (Marcus Whale Remix)
2. Liz Stringer – First Time Really Feeling (Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel Remix)
3. Hachiku – I’ll Probably Be Asleep (Banoffee Remix)
4. The Merindas – History Eraser (Original by Courtney Barnett)
5. Ouch My Face – Do The Wrong Thing (Stella Mozgawa Remix)
6. East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Essendon 1986 (Geryon Remix)
7. Jen Cloher – Regional Echo (Seja Remix)
8. Jen Cloher – Regional Echo (Various Asses Remix)
9. Tiny Ruins – Holograms (Corey Kikos Remix)
10. Courtney Barnett – Anonymous Club (Simona Castricum Remix)
11. Mess Esque – Sweetspot (California Girls Remix)
12. Jade Imagine – Gonna Do Nothing (Snowy Remix)
13. Hachiku – I’ll Probably Be Asleep (REBEL YELL Remix)

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