Millar Jukes showcases gutsy blues and soul on self titled debut

Millar Jukes taps into indie-soul and blues grooves with ease, equipping punchy lyrics and noticeably flexible vocals.

Releasing a debut album is no easy feat. In the early stages of songwriting and performing, an artist is usually still finding their feet, their vision, and style.

This is part of what makes singer/songwriter Millar Jukes so impressive. His self-titled debut manages to be cohesive, infectious, and assured in its delivery. Let’s run through some of the finest tracks, and some of the bluesman’s influences.

Millar Jukes

Jukes opens up the records with a brooding blues structure, that gallops along, paving the way for the artists’ gutsy vocals to linger and bleed. “You don’t know how I feel”, he drawls with utter conviction. A whirling organ joins the party, with a feel reminiscent of ’60s Dylan arrangements.

Fire is another standout. Drums march along with palm-muted electrics. Epic backing vocals haunt the chorus. We get old school solos, from keyboards and trumpets. It’s so refreshing to hear such a diverse range of instruments get their time in the sun. Shakey Graves fans should gravitate to this one.


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Later in the tracklist Fangs captures your attention with its provocative bite.

“I’m friends with the devil. But I don’t need his help”.

Outback guitar chugs along with percussive backing making for one of the coolest tracks on the record. Millar Jukes closes up the record with No More, a confessional track with big drums and playful bass.

Once again, Jukes drawls in a minor key, harnessing old school badassery.

The artists’ full-length is a must-listen for any blues lovers looking to get their gut-punched. Listen below.